Great Crested Grebe Bird Facts with Photos

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The Great crested grebe Bird is a member of the grebe family of water birds noted for its elaborate mating display. The scientific name comes from Latin.

Great crested grebe Bird Facts:

Size: 46-51 cm

Voice: Call includes loud, guttural croaks when breeding

Range: Scarce breeder in N mountain and Gujarat. Winter visitor to N lowlands

Habitat: Large, deep open bodies of freshwater, rivers, lagoons, lakes, swamps, reservoirs, saltfields, estuaries and bays

Medium to large-sized, graceful bird with long neck, long bill and distinctive black double crest. Black crown; white face black line from base of bill to eye; dark brown wings with prominent white patches: satiny-white underparts: dark olive-green feet prominent in flight. Breeding adult of both sexes has reddish-orange head plumes, tipped black Sexes similar, but female slightly smaller than male. Juvenile can be distinguished by blackish stripes on cheeks. Both male and female take part i elaborate courtship display. Dives for fish, insects and invertebrate larvae, chasing prey underwater by propelling feet.

Great crested grebe Bird Pictures Gallery:

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