Greater hedgehog tenrec animal

This Greater free money usa gambling casinos With blackjack students No deposit online casino no download follow site source link hedgehog tenrec animal has short, pointed, white-tipped spines on its long body and coarse hair, varying from grey to black, on the head and legs. It is nocturnal and, like true hedgehogs, it also rolls into a prickly ball when threatened. It climbs well and eats a wide variety of worms, amphibians, reptiles, insects, carrion, fruit, and berries. hedgehog animal It becomes torpid for several weeks in adverse conditions.


hedgehog Length: 15-22cm (6-9 in)

hedgehog Tail: 1.5 cm (1/2 in)

hedgehog Weight: 180-270g

hedgehog Social unit: Individual

hedgehog Status: Least concern


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Greater hedgehog tenrec animal

Tenrec Animal

Greater hedgehog tenrec


hedgehog tenrec animal