Greater Scaup Bird Facts with Images

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The Greater scaup Bird, just scaup in Europe or, colloquially, “bluebill” in North America, is a mid-sized diving duck, larger than the closely related lesser scaup.

Greater scaup Bird Facts:

  • Size: 40-50 cm
  • Voice: Mostly silent
  • Range: Rare winter visitor
  • Habitat: Coastal bays; lagoons and estuaries. Winters on inland lakes

Larger and bulky duck with no crest. Iridescent greenish-black head; barred, grey back; light blue-grey bill; black breast and rump. Female overall brownish with white collar. Feeds mainly by diving; spends days swimming around waterbodies. In large flocks outside breeding season. Gregarious. Few details about this duck are known in the subcontinent.

Greater Scaup Bird Photos:


Greater Scaup Bird image


Greater Scaup Bird photo

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