Greylag Goose Bird Facts with Pictures

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The Greylag goose Bird (Anser anser) is a species of large goose in the waterfowl family Anatidae and the type species of the genus Anser. Greylag goose Bird It has mottled and barred grey and white plumage and an orange beak and pink legs. A large bird, it measures between 74 and 91 centimetres (29 and 36 in) in length, with an average weight of 3.3 kilograms (7.3 lb). Its distribution is widespread.

Greylag goose Bird Facts:

Size: 74-84 CM

Voice: Domestic goose-like single-note honk, often uttered several times, loud and ringing. Typical geese gaggles when feeding

Range: Winter visitor; most common in N India, acroos the gangetic plain to Assam, odisha; S to N Gujarat; Madhya Pradesh; rarer south.

Habitat: Jheels; winter cultivation


Greylag goose Bird with bluish-grey plumage with pale fringes to feathers; Greylag goose Bird large darker head; thick long neck; thick pink bill, pink legs and feet; white uppertail-coverts; pale belly dotted black. Sexes alike, though male larger than female. Black- speckled belly, absent in juvenile. Greylag goose Bird Feeds on grass, on grassy islets and shore meadows. Occasionally fee in the water on algae. Gregarious and wary. Nests on heaps of plant material, lined with feathers.

Greylag goose Bird Facts Pics:


Greylag Goose Bird image


Greylag Goose Bird photo

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