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Guinea Pig Rodent | Brazilian Guinea Pig

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guinea pig or domestic Rodent animal latest images and photos, Brazilian Guinea Pig Rodent Facts.

Length: 21.5-39 cm

Tail: None

Weight: 500-790 g (18-29 oz)

Social unit: Group

Status: Leastconcern

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A Coserelative and perhaps Ancestor of the domestic (pet) guinea pig (Caviaporcellus), this is one of the smallest cavy-like rodents. It has a large head, blunt snout, tail-less body, and short legs, with 4-toed front feet and 3- toedrear feet. The long, coarse fur is dark grey-brown to black. lt eats leaves, grasses, seeds, flowers, and bark Guinea pigs live as close neighbours inshrubby grassland, with communal feeding runways but separate nests.

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