Himalayan Monal Bird Facts HD Images

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Himalayan monal Birds

Size: mele 72 cm; female 63 cm

Voice: call a wild whistling, coooor…lew, much like curlew’s

Range: the himalaya, west to east

Habitat: hing foest; glades; snow patches. Not uncommon

Sturdy bird with long luminous green erest.male has overall iridescent purple-blue upperparts, face and foreneck brown-black; patch of metallie purple behind ear-coverts. Rear neck coppry-yellow changing to green on mantle; purple shorter tail-coverts and longest tail-coverts irrdiscent green. Female brown with black-and-white throat. Confiding; seen flying down hill at gret speed.

Himalayan Monal Birds Photos:


Himalayan Monal Bird free

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Himalayan Monal Bird photo


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Himalayan Monal Bird

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