Hispid Hare Rabbit Animal Facts with Images

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The Hispid hare rabbit Animal, also called Assam rabbit and Bristly rabbit, is a leporid native to South Asia, whose historic range extended along the southern foothills of the Himalayas.

Hispid Hare Rabbit Animal Facts:

Length: 48 cm (19 in)

 Tail: 5.3 cm

Weight: 1.8-3.2 kg

Social unit: Individual/pair

Status: Endangered

Also called the bristly rabbit after its coarse, dark brown fur, the Hispid hare rabbit Animal lives in tall “elephant grass” country, feeding by night on the soft shoots and roots of the grass. It has short ears, and its back legs are not much larger than its front legs. It does not burrow but shelters in surface vegetation, living alone or as a female-male pair. Reproductive information is scant but the suspected litter size is small for a lagomorph, perhaps 2-5, with 2 or possibly 3 litters produced each year.

Hispid hare rabbit Animal Images:


Hispid Hare Rabbit Animal pics


Hispid Hare Rabbit Animal


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Hispid Hare Rabbit image


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