Horned Grebe Bird Facts with Images

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The Horned grebe Bird or Slavonian grebe is a relatively small waterbird in the family Podicipedidae. There are two known subspecies: P. a. auritus, which breeds in Eurasia.

Horned grebe Bird Facts:

  • Size: 31-38 cm
  • Voice: Call a long, squealing trill and loud, nasal aaarrh, which descends in pitch and in a rattle or trill
  • Range: Rare winter to Pakistan, India
  • Habitat: Lakes; coasts

Small waterbird with distinctive golden-yellow patches of feathers behind eye in breeding plumage, that resemble short horns. Straight, stubby bill; large, flat-topped head. Breeding adult has glossy black head; chestnut neck and flanks; dark bro black back; white belly; small white marking on shoulder and white secondary feathers visible in flight. Bright scarlet red eyes.

Horned grebe Bird Photos:


Horned Grebe Bird image


Horned Grebe Bird photo

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