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Iberian Lynx Animal

  • Iberian Lynx Length: 68-82 cm (27-32 in)
  • Iberian Lynx Tail: 12.5-16 cm
  • Iberian Lynx Weight: 7-14 kg (15-31 lb)
  • Iberian Lynx Social unit: Individual
  • Iberian Lynx Status: Endangered

Iberian Lynx Animal Very rare, critically restricted in distribution, and fully protected by law, the Iberian lynx is about half the size of the Eurasian species (see right). Now mainly confined to remote wetlands and uplands, it uses thickets for shelter and open areas that favour its main food of rabbit – with deer fawns, ducks, and other prey in winter Primarily a cat of mixed forest, this lynx has been driven by human presence and persecution to more open woods and rocky mountain slopes. However, it still has one of the widest ranges of all cat species. Its major prey is deer, goats, sheep, and similar hoofed mammals up to 4 times its own size, but, if these are lacking, it hunts hares and pikas.


Despite conservation efforts and reintroductions in Western Europe, lynx remain rare because of revenge hunting by livestock farmers, road kills, and mysterious loss of male cubs – possibly caused by a genetic problem.

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iberian lynx animal


Iberian lynx photographed at the Madrid ZooSpain, Europe.


Eurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx) (Eurasian Lynx


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