Ichneumon wasps Insect

The http://veronicaleea.com/autosketch/ashampoo-photo-optimizer-6-download/ OEM IMAGENOMIC Portraiture 2 for Adobe Photoshop Ichneumon wasps Insect Gasteruption jaculator (family Gasteruptiidae) has the common name of banner wasp and is found in northern and central Europe. Like many species of parasitic wasps, its larvae feed on the larvae of solitary bees. Body length 0.6 inches (15 mm).

Ichneumon wasps Insect Facts:

Common name: Ichneumon wasps

Family: Ichneumonidae

Division: Parasitica

Suborder: Apocrita

Order: Hymenoptera

Class/Subphylum: Insecta/Hexapoda

Number of species: About 60,000 (about 12,000 US)

Size: From about 0.1 in (3 mm) to about 3 in (75 cm)



Key features: Body often long and slender, usually black, often with red, white, or yellow markings, female may have long needlelike ovipositor long, constantly moving antennae with 13 or more segments, often tipped white; adults usually fully winged, but occasionally with shortened wings or none at all

Habits: Adults often found on flowers or walking across foliage searching for hosts larvae are parasites on other invertebrates, mainly insects

Breeding: Little is known about mating habits in most species, in some species mating occurs on the tree trunks from which the adults emerged; females seek out hosts such as caterpillars in which to lay eggs; certain species can penetrate solid bark to lay eggs in larvae burrowing within ichneumon larvae consume their living host, eventually killing it

Diet: Adults feed on nectar, aphid honeydew, or liquids leaking from host, often from punctures made by the ovipositor, larvae feed parasitically on living invertebrates, especially caterpillars of Lepidoptera; a feed on plant products stored by host

Habitat: In all terrestrial habitats: most common in temperate forests and grassland, rare in arid zones

Distribution: Worldwide except in very dry or cold areas.

Ichneumon wasps Insect Photos:


Ichneumon wasps Insect Facts and Images

Ichneumon wasps Insect Facts With Images

Ichneumon wasps Insect

Ichneumon wasps Insect Facts with Photos

Ichneumon wasps Insect Facts with Pictures

Ichneumon wasps Insect Images

Ichneumon wasps Insect Facts

Ichneumon wasps Insect Images

Ichneumon wasps Insect Photos

Ichneumon wasps Insect Pics

Ichneumon wasps Insect Pics

Ichneumon wasps Insect Pictures

Ichneumon wasps Insect


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