Indian peafowl Bird

Size: Male 110 cm (plus train);

          Female 95 cm

Voice: Loud may…yow calls at dawn and dusk; also loud nasal calls and cackles. Very noisy during rains, when breeding.

Range: All subcontinents except Pakistan, upto about 2,000 m in the Himalayas

Habitat: Forests; neighborhood of village and cultivated country.


Best known for its exquisite train and plumage.  Indian peafowl Bird Glistening blue neck and breast; wire-like crest and very long distinctive train an iridescent arrangement of multiple colours with ocelli; golden feathers on sides and back. When displayed, male’s train spreads out in off gold, brown, green, and wide fan, showing black feathers. Female lacks blue neck and breast; Indian peafowl Bird more brown plumage; lacks long train. Familiar bird of India. Solitary or in small parties, several females with one or more males; wary in forested parts, rather tome and confiding.

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