Jaguarundi Animal Facts & HD Photos Collection

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Jaguarundi Animal

Length: 48.5-83.5cm (19-33 in)

Tall: 27.5-59cm (11-33 in)

Weight: 3-7.6 kg (6.1/2-ld)

Locations: Usa to south america  social unit individual

Status least concern

Jaguarundi is a medium sized wild cat Jaguarundi Animal More mustelid than felid in overall proportions, with a pointed snout, long body, and shortish legs, the jaguarundi has several colour forms of unpatterned fur, from black- mainly in forests-to pale grey-brown or red-in dry shrubland. This cat hunts by day, often on the ground, in habitats ranging from semi-arid scrub to rainforest and swamp. Its main prey are birds, rodents, rabbits, reptiles, and invertebrates.

Jaguarundi Animal Photos:

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Jaguarundi Animal photo

Jaguarundi Animal

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