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Japanese Quail Bird

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Quail Bird Facts, Coturnix japanica phasianidae

order aricept online Canada Size: 20 cm

http://www.pasophe.org/jikehoba Voice: call a soft chew, petree, also a rasping chur, churk

Range: winter visitor to ne india

Habitat: grasslands; crop

Overall tawny, brown bird mottled lighter uff, breeding male has ruddish cheeks; uniform, rusty –brown upper thoat and lowe  breast underparts uniform unmottle rufous-buff, similar to common, but rufous parts darker, female slightly larger than male chees, seen singly, or in pairs, largely,or in pairs largely cultivated as paler cheeks, seen singly, or in pairs, largely cultivated as table bird.


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Quail Birds


Quail Bird


Quail Bird picture


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Quail Bird image


Japanese Quail Bird


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Japanese Quail Bird picture


Japanese Quail Bird photo


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