Knob-billed duck Bird Facts

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The In some areas Knob-billed duck Bird are monogamous, while in others males may hold small harems of two to four females, Bird which they defend against other males.

Knob-billed duck Bird Facts:

Size: 5575 cm

Voice: Usually silent, but may occasionally utter some low croaking sounds

Range: Almost all over India; mostly resident, but moves considerably with onset of monsoons; uncommon in extreme S and NW India

Habitat: Frequents west areas such as swamps, rivers and lakes with scattered trees.

Unmistakable because of fleshy knob (comb) on top of beak.White head and neck speckled black; purple-green glossy back; bluish and greenish iridescence, especially prominent on the secondaries white lower neck-collar and underbody; short black bars extend on upper breast sides and flanks.

Female duller, smaller, lacks comb. Juvenile has dull buff underparts, face and neck, dull brown upperparts, crown and eye-stripe. Small parties, either on water or in trees over water. Nests in trees.

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Knob-billed duck Bird

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