Leadbeater’s Possum Facts with images

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Leadbeater’s possum Facts

  • Length: 15-17 cm (6-7 in)
  • Tail: 14.5-20 cm (6-8n)
  • Weight: 100-175g
  • Social unit: Group
  • Scientific name: Gymnobelideus leadbeateri
  • Status: Critically endangered

Notable for its rediscovery in 1961, after 52 years of presumed extinction, Leadbeater’s possum has a grey back with a dark central stripe from head to tail, and off-white underside.

Speedy and elusive in trees, it feeds at night on small invertebrates and tree juices, such as gum, sap, and nectar. Colonies of 10-12 individuals comprise a senior breeding pair and their offspring, mainly males. Females l defend the group’s territory.

Leadbeater’s possum Photos:


Leadbeater’s possum hd


Leadbeater’s possum photo


Leadbeater’s possum pics


Leadbeater’s possum

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