Leafhoppers Insect

The Leafhoppers Insect rhododendron leafhopper, Graphoceophala fennahi, is found in the united states and Europe.  Length inches 0.3-0.4 (8-10 mm). Cicadella viridis is from the Northern Hemisphere. Length 0.2-0.3 inches (6-8 mm). Aphrodes bifasciatus is the smallest of these three leafhoppers and lives in Europe. Length 0.1 -0.15 inches(3-4 mm).


Leafhoppers Insect Facts and Photos

Common name: leafhooppers

Family: Cicadellidae

Suborder: Auchenorrhyncha

Order: Hempitera

Class/ subphylum: Insecta/ Hexapoda

 Number of species: About 20,000 (2,500 U.S.)

Size: From about 0.08 in (2 mm) to 0.8 in (20 mm)

Key features: Usually longer and slimmer than the spittlebugs they resemble, with an angular cross section to the tibiae; tibiae bear 1 or more rows of spines; forewings leathery, often brightly colored, distinguishing them from small cicadas

Habits: usually found on their food plants; winged species will readily fly to escape when disturbed

Breeding: Ma species stridulate to attract mates and during courtship, which may also involve “dance” routines, eggs laid in or on food plants

Diet:All species sap from plants, often living on just  1 particular plant species; like aphids, they produce honeydew

Habitat: Meadows, gardens, grassland, forests, marshes, mountains, and deserts

Distribution: Worldwide, but more common in tropical zones.

Leafhoppers Insect Facts Images Gallery.


Leafhoppers Insect Facts and Images

Leafhoppers Insect Facts and Pictures

Leafhoppers Insect Facts images collection

Leafhoppers Insect Facts images

Leafhoppers Insect Facts Photos Gallery

Leafhoppers Insect Facts pic

Leafhoppers Insect Facts Pictures

Leafhoppers Insect Facts With Images

Leafhoppers Insect Facts

Leafhoppers Insect