Leopard Animal Facts And Images

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Leopard Animal Facts:

Length: 0.9-1.9 m (3-6.1/4 ft)

Tail: 60-110 cm (24-43 in)

Weight: 21-71 kg (46-160 ld)

Location: w., c., s., e., and s.e. asia Africa

social unit: individual

Status: vulnerable

Leopard Animal Few other wild cats are as varied in appearance or in prey preference as the leopard, or have a wider geographical range. Its varied diet includes small creatures, such as dung beetles, and large mammals many times its own weight, such as antelopes. A large victim may provide enough food for 2 weeks, although such kills are usually made about every 3 days. Twice as often for a female with cubs.

The average litter of 2 is born after 90 – 105 days’ gestation, and is cared for by the mother, weaned by 3 months, they stay with her for a year or more, and siblings may associate for longer, adaptable to human presence, leopards hunt to within a few kilometres of big cities, but numbers are falling due to various human activities.

Caching in trees

The Leopard Animal is an adept climber and uses its immense strength to drag its prey up into trees, for immediate consumption or for caching (hiding for future use). In the branches, it can eat undisturbed, and the meat is safe from scavenging hyenas and jackals.

Head and shoulders

The leopard’s large head houses powerful jaw muscles to bite, kill and dismember prey. The shoulders and forelimbs are also heavily muscled, Leopard Animal to hold down victims and drag or haul prey into trees.


Like many species of cats and other mammals, leopards may exhibit melanism. As a result of this genetic change (mutation), the skin and fur contain large amounts of the dark pigment, melanin.Most common in moist, dense forests, melanic leopards, known as “black panthers”, were once viewed as a separate species.In deserts, leopards are pale yellow;in grass, they are deeper yellow.

Leopard Animal Photos:

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Leopard Animal
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