Lesser white-fronted goose Bird Facts with Pictures

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The lesser white-fronted goose Bird winters further south in Europe and is a rare winter vagrant to Great Britain, and India. Individual birds formerly appeared regularly at WWT Slimbridge in Gloucestershire, England, where they inspired Sir Peter Scott to set up The Lesser white-fronted goose Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust—modern records, however, are far less frequent, a consequence of the species’ decline on its European breeding grounds.

Lesser white-fronted goose Bird Facts:

Size: 53-66 cm

Voice: Call a squeaky

Mass: 1.8 kg

Scientific name: Anser erythropus

Range: Globally threatened. Rare winter visitor to N India

Habitat: Little known

Plumpish goose with smallish head, long neck and wings. Almost uniformly brown; darker brown head and neck; flashes of white on face; sometimes black patches on belly of adult. Distinguished from other geese by prominent bright yellow eye-ring. White on and black belly patches absent  in juvenile. Usually seen Greater White-fronteds Greylags.

Lesser white-fronted goose Bird Pictures Gallery Collection:

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