Maned Wolf Animal Facts And Pictures

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Maned Wolf Animal

Maned Wolf Animal urine has a powerful aroma, Maned Wolf Animal reminding many humans of the way skunks smell, The Maned Wolf Animal is the largest canid of South America, Maned Wolf Animal It looks more like a long-legged fox than a wolf, Maned Wolf Animal Genetic studies show that it is neither fox nor true wolf

Maned Wolf Animal but a distinct species It is the only member of its genus, The Maned Wolf Animal fur is reddish brown on the sides, Maned Wolf Animal with long black legs, The Maned Wolf Animal coat is further marked with whitish tufts at the tip of the tail and a white ‘bib’ beneath the throat

Maned Wolf Animal Facts:

Length: 1-1.2 m

Tail: 38-50 cm (15-20 in)

Weight: 20.5-30 kg (45-66 lb)

Social unit: Individual

Status: Near threatened

Maned Wolf Similar to a red fox (see p.169), but with very long legs, this wolf has long, thick, reddish yellow fur, a black neck crest, central back stripe, and black muzzle. It prefers open, grassy or low-scrub habitats where it can peer over vegetation for prey and danger. Female and male share a territory, and mate each year, usually in May or June, but otherwise rarely associate. Active at twilight and night

the maned wolf takes a varied diet, including rabbits, birds, and mice, as well as smaller creatures such as grubs and ants, and also appreciable amounts of plant material such as fruit and berries. It is said to kill livestock, especially poultry, and so is hunted as a pest in some areas – yet it is kept as a pet in others. Maned Wolf Disease is another major threat. The gestation period is 62-66 days, and the 1-7 pups (average 3) are born in an above-ground den in thick grass or bushes. The mother cares for them alone, suckling them for up to 15 weeks.

Maned Wolf Animal Pictures:


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Maned Wolf Animal


Maned Wolf

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