Mantled Guereza Primate

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The mantled Mantled guereza Primate, also known simply as the Mantled guereza Primate, the eastern black-and-white colobus, or the Abyssinian black-and-white colobus, is a black-and-white colobus, a type of Old World monkey.

Mantled Guereza Primate Facts:

Length: 52-57 cm

Tail: 53-83 cm (21-33 in)

Weight: 8-13.5 kg (18-30 lb)

Social unit: Group

Status: Least concern

Mantled guereza Primate Also known as the eastern black and white colobus, this monkey has a black and white face border, “veils” down its flanks and rump, and a bushy tail tip, but is otherwise black. Each male leads a small troop of 6-10 females and young, defending his territory with roars and tremendous leaps. The 3-part stomach houses gut microbes that break down cellulose- based plant food, Mantled guereza Primate enabling this species to gain twice as much nutrition than other monkeys from such a leaf-rich diet.

Mantled Guereza Primate Images:


Mantled Guereza Primate animal


Mantled Guereza Primate nice


Mantled Guereza Primate photo


Mantled Guereza Primate wallpaper


Mantled Guereza Primate
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