Marbled Duck Bird Facts and Photos

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The Marbled duck Bird or marbled teal is a medium-sized duck. The scientific name, Marmaronetta angustirostris, comes from the Greek marmaros, Marbled duck Bird  and netta, a duck.

Marbled Duck Bird Facts:

  • Size: 39-42 cm
  • Voice: Call a squeaking jeep uttered by dispaying male; otherwise relatively silent
  • Range: Said to breed in Pakistan. Rare winter visitor to N India
  • Habitat: Mainly shallow, eutrophic wetlands, typically with dense emergent and submerged vegetation.

Small, grey-brown dabbling duck with shaggy hood, dark eye patch and broad eye-stripe from eye to nape. Sandy-brown body finely spotted with creamy-brown.

Juvenile more blotchy. Feeds in shallow water dabbling or upending, occasionally diving. In pairs with other dabbling ducks Characteristic slow and low flight. Secretive.

Marbled Duck Bird Photos:


Marbled Duck Bird image


Marbled Duck Bird photo


Marbled Duck Bird

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