Meerkat Animal Facts & HD Pictures

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The meerkat Animal is a small carnivoran belonging to the mongoose family, The Meerkat Animal is a small sized that a long and slender body with a long and light but black tipped tail that can almost double the animal’s total length, Meerkat Animal are sandy to light brown in colour with eight darker stripes on their back, Meerkat Animal on their sides and a lighter face and underside, Meerkat Animal They have elongated muzzles with a black nose and dark coloured bands around their eyes.

Meerkat Animal have long up to 2cm long and help them to both dig their burrows and to find Meerkat small animals that are buried beneath the soft sand, but also Meerkat Animal acting as a layer of insulation to keep it warm during the freezing-cold winter nights.

Meerkat Animal Facts:

Length: 24.5-29 cm

Tail: 17-25 cm

Weight: 600-975 g (21-35 oz)

Social unit: Group

Status: Least concern


The Meerkat Animal long front claws are used to dig its burrow and to find food, mainly insects, spiders, and other small animals as well as roots and bulbs. Day-active and sociable, the meerkat forms colonies of about 3-20 individuals which enlarge the former burrow systems of ground squirrels. In early morning, it emerges to sit up and sunbathe, then forages for small prey.

Meerkat Animal Coloration is pale brown on the underside and face, silver-brown on the upper parts, with 8 darker bands on the rear back, dark eye-rings, and a dark tip to the slender tail. After a gestation of 70 days, the 3-7 young are born in a grass-lined nursery chamber in the burrow.


While most pack members forage, some act as lookout sentries, especially for hawks and other aerial predators. Sentries stand at vantage points such as on mounds and in bushes, and cheep or cluck warnings. Sharp barks or growls denote more urgent threats and the meerkats dive for cover.

Meerkat Animal

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Meerkat Animal


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