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Megalodon Shark

The result Megalodon Shark of continuing discussions about whether Megalodon is alive or is still a long-standing historical past, today there can be a practically unambiguous answer – yes, Shark Megalodon Fish is alive!

In addition, the opinions of the scrupulous scientists-ichthyologists are increasingly inclined to the conclusion that soon a giant monster can appear on the surface in all its glory.

Megalodon Shark fish information about Megalodone is replenished with new discoveries in the study of its biology, and new facts of its detection in the World Ocean.

Some of these episodes are filtered out at the information verification stages, some remain inaccessible, and some of it seeps into the public.

In other words, we can only dispose of the third part of the data, which neither scientists themselves nor simple common sense reject.

Megalodon many orbital complexes in many countries  have seen large underwater objects in shallow depths in the Pacific Island of Papua New Guinea.

Megalodon shark They did not have dimensions and forms according to some underwater ub-water weapons;
A little activity was seen, sometimes completely hidden in the depths of the sea;
Were large for normal biological forms;
For a long time, they could hide deeply, who deny their similarities with whales.

Scientists have the same opinion on this subject These abnormal objects are shaped by body and behavior sharks, but very large sharks A large white Megalodon shark sample has reached a length of more than 16 meters.

Megalodon White Shark Facts:

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Chondrichthyes
Order: Lamniformes
Family: Lamnidae
Genus: Carcharodon
Scientific Name: Carcharodon Carcharias
Type: Fish
Diet: Carnivore
Size: 5.5-7m (18-21ft)
Weight: 1,110-2,240kg (2,450-4,938lbs)
Top Speed: 40km/h (25mph)
Life Span: 30-40 years
Lifestyle: Solitary
Conservation Status: Threatened
Colour: Black, Grey, White
Skin Type: Smooth
Favourite Food: Seal
Habitat: Temperate and coastal waters
Average Litter Size: 5
Main Prey: Seal, Fish, Dolphins
Predators: Human
Special Features: Pointed snout and long, sharp teeth

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