Midges Insect Facts with photo

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There are many Chironomus species midges, found almost all over the world. The larvae of some Chironomus species construct mud tubes in which they live Adult body length about 0.4 inches (10 mm) .

Common name: Nonbiting midges

Family: Chironomidae

Suborder: Nematocera Order: Diptera

Class/subphylum: Insecta Hexapoda

Number of species: 5,000 (about 820 U.S.)

Size: From as small as 0.06 in (1.5 mm) to 0.4 in (10 mm)

Key features: Resemble mosquitoes, but wings held parallel along body instead of folded over each other; no long, sucking proboscis, ocelli absent, antennae of male very feathery

Habits: Unless forming mating swarms, they just sit around on vegetation; at night may be attracted to lights in large numbers

Breeding: Form large mating swarms, some species are parthenogenetic (producing offspring in the absence of males)

Diet: Adults short-lived and do not feed; larvae feed mainly on plant material, but some are carnivorous, others parasitic

Habitat: Almost any habitat except for very dry areas

Distribution: Worldwide from the Arctic to the Antarctir (with 2 known species), but absent from very dry regions.


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midges insect


Nonbiting midges insect hd


Nonbiting midges insect hd


Nonbiting midges insect photo


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