Mongolian gerbil Rodent

Mongolian Gerbil Rodent

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Mouse – How does the mouse look.

The Mongolian Gerbil Rodent length of the body of a mouse covered with a short fur, depending on the species, varies from 5 to 19 cm, and it doubles with the tail. These rodents have a rather short neck. On the pointed muzzle are small black eyes-beads and small semicircular ears, Mongolian Gerbil Rodent allowing mice to hear well. Thin and sensitive mustache, Mongolian Gerbil Rodent growing around the nose, give them the opportunity to navigate the environment perfectly. In mice, unlike hamsters, there are no cheek pouches.

Mongolian Gerbil Rodent the Mongolian gerbil or Mongolian jird, is a small rodent belonging to the subfamily Gerbil linae.

Mongolian Gerbil Rodent Facts:

Length: 10-13 cm (4-5 in)

Tail: 9.5-11 cm

Weight: 50-60 g

Social unit: Group

Status: Least concern

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Familiar as a pet, this is one of some 17 jird species of the Mongolian Gerbil Rodent genus that is native to Central Asia. It burrows in dry steppes and is active by day and night, summer and winter. It eats mainly seeds, storing excess in its elaborate burrow, which it may share with its mate and up to 12 young. Family members groom each other but are quick to attack a stranger. Mongolian Gerbil Rodent Mainly brown haired with black tips, the underparts are grey or white.

Mongolian Gerbil Rodent Photos Collection:


Mongolian gerbil Rodent Facts with Images

Mongolian gerbil Rodent Facts with Photos

Mongolian gerbil Rodent Facts with Pics

Mongolian gerbil Rodent Facts with Pictures Mongolian gerbil Rodent Facts

Mongolian Gerbil Rodent

Mongolian gerbil Rodent Images

Mongolian gerbil Rodent Photos

Mongolian gerbil Rodent Pics

Mongolian Gerbil Rodent Pics

Mongolian gerbil Rodent

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