Nautilidae Animal

Nautilidae Animal

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Nautilidae Animal Facts:

Common name: Nautiluses

Order: Tetrabranchia

Subclass: Nautiloidea

Class: Cephalopoda

Phylum: Mollusca

Number of species: About 6

Size: Shell diameter up to about 10 in (25 cm)

Key features: Conspicuous coiled, external shell divided into many chambers, outer surface of shell usually beautifully patterned, internal surface mother-of-pearl; adult body housed in the largest, newest chamber, older chambers help regulate buoyancy; head bears 80-90 suckerless tentacles protected by a hood; in males 4 tentacles are adapted to form the “mating arms” (the spadix); mantle cavity and siphon used in “jet propulsion”; mantle cavity contains 4 gills, eyes not as well developed as in squids and octopuses, and lack cornea and lens, functioning more like a pinhole camera; brain, statocyst, and nervous system also less well developed

Habits: Adults are midwater predatory marine animals, found at various depths from shallow water down to 2,300 ft (700 m)

Breeding: Sexes separate; mating achieved by the male transferring a packet of sperm into the female’s mantle cavity using a group of modified arms; eggs laid on seabed; planktonic larval phase is present

Diet: Carnivorous, relying on senses to detect mobile prey which often includes crustaceans

Habitat: Tropical seas from surface to midwater or near the bottom

Distribution: Limited to certain parts of the southwestern pacific ocean


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Nautilidae Animal Facts and Images

Nautilidae Animal Facts and Phot

Nautilidae Animal Facts and Photos

Nautilidae Animal Pics

Nautilidae Animal Facts with Images

Nautilidae Animal Facts with Photos

Nautilidae Animal Facts with Pics

Nautilidae Animal Images

Nautilidae Animal Facts with Pictures

Nautilidae Animal Facts

Nautilidae Animal Images

Nautilidae Animal Pictures

Nautilidae Animal Photo

Nautilidae Animal Photos

Nautilidae Animal Facts with Pictures

Nautilidae Animal

Nautilidae Animal Pictures

Nautilidae Animal


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