North American Porcupine Rodent Facts, Photos

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North American Porcupine

Length: 60-130 cm

Tail: 16-25 cm

Weight: 5-12 kg (11-26 lb)

Social unit: Individual

Status: Least concern

North American Porcupine The large crest of long quills, up to 8cm (3 in) long on the head, identifies this stocky, short-limbed porcupine. The strong, broad feet have sharp claws and naked soles, to aid grip. The North American porcupine is very vocal, especially during courtship in early winter, when it whines, screeches, grunts, mews, and hoots.


The main quills are yellow-white, with black or brown tips. The rest of the body is fumed and spined in shades of brown.


The North American porcupine seems clumsy in trees, yet it climbs extensively for buds, blossom, shoots, leaves, berries, and nuts. It also eats grass and farm crops in summer and soft bark and conifer needles in winter. Solitary most of the year, it does not hibernate and may share a den in cold spells.

North American Porcupine Images:

North American Porcupine Rodent


North American Porcupine photo

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