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Numbat Animal

  • Length: 20-28 (8-11 in)
  • Tail: 16-21 cm
  • Weight: 300-72 g
  • Social unit: Individual
  • status: Endangerwd

The numbat, or banded anteater, has termites, or very rarely ants, after the has been ripped open using the large-clawed, powerful forefeet. They have 50-52 teeth more than any other land mammal even though they are small and poorly developed.

Day-active and solitary, the numbat chases same-sex from its territory. Offspring attach to the female’s 4 teats for 4 months, then are suckled in the nest for a further2-3 months.

Numbat Animal Pictures:

Numbat Animal Facts


Numbat Animal hd


Numbat Animal photo


Numbat Animal

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