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Common brush tailed possum facts

source site source site Length: 35-58 cm

watch watch Tail: 25-40 cm (10-16 in)

Mass: Virginia opossum: 0.8 – 6.4 kg

Lifespan: 2 years to 4 years

Length: 35 – 94 cm

Weight: 1.5-4.5 kg

Social unit: Individual

Status: Least concern

Opossum animal Familiar in many habitats, including parks and gardens, the common brush-tailed possum has mainly silver-grey body fur, which is short and tinged red in the north of its range, and longer and darker grey in the south. It bounds and climbs with ease as it forages for eucalypt, acacia, and other leaves, as well as flowers, fruit, and, occasionally, birds’ eggs and chicks. This vocal possum, with its range of hisses, chitters, grunts, and growls, is solitary apart from the brief mating season. It lives in a crevice or hollow in a tree, log, rock, or roof.The usually single young remains in the pouch fir 5 months.


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Opossum Animal small sweet photo


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