Golden Pheasant

Pheasant Bird Facts & images

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Pheasant Bird Facts Mrs hume’s pheasant Syrmaticus bumiae phasianidacs

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see url see url Voice: distinctive crowing aiso utters cackling notes

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Habitat: steep rocky slopes

Large pheasant with graduated tail barred black-and brown. Male has greyish head. Red facial skin. Yellowish bill; metallic blue neck, upper breast and upper mantleand mainly chestnut underparts. Female brown with whitish throat and white-tipped tail. Little known. Recently recorded only in Mizoram. Globally threatened and seldom seen.


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beautiful Pheasant Bird


Golden Pheasant Habitat image


Golden Pheasant


Keeping pheasants


Pheasant Bird Facts & images


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Pheasant Bird image


Pheasant Bird images


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Pheasant Bird picture


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