Pink-Headed Duck Bird Facts with Images

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Pink-headed duck Bird Unmistakable. Long-bodied and long-necked, with slightly tufted head in the male, and peculiar stiff- necked posture. Adult male has chocolate-coloured body; deep pink head and hindneck. Female and juvenile duller, appearing much like dark female Red-crested Pochard with pinkish tinge to the head. Presumed extinct.

Pink-headed duck Bird Facts:

Size: 55 cm

Voice: silent

Range: Rather scarce winter visitor throughout lowlands

Habitat: Well-vegetated large rivers and lakes.

Large duck with deep orange-crested head and red bill. Black neck and breast; pale flanks; brown back and black stern. Female lighter brown with pale cheeks and darker crown, dark bill. Juvenile darker with multicolored belly. In flight, both sexes display broad white wing-bars. Nests near slow-moving rivers and clearings of open water with shrubs. Feeds actively early morning and late evening. Feeds on aquatic plants and animals by diving and upending.

Pink-headed duck Bird Pictures:


Pink-Headed Duck Bird image


Pink-Headed Duck Bird

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