Plains Zebra Animal, Plains Zebra Facts & Photos

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Plains Zebra Animal

  • Plains Zebra Length: 2.2-2.5 m
  • Plains Zebra Tail: 47-56 cm
  • Plains Zebra Weight: 175-385 kg
  • Plains Zebra Social unit: Group
  • Plains Zebra Status: Near threatened

Plains Zebra Animal This successful and widespread zebra has a diet of nine-tenths grass; the remainder is leaves and buds. The main, long-term social unit is a stallion, his harem of one or several mares, and their offspring. Ma

turing stallions form loose bachelor herds and may challenge for the harem with fierce fights of biting and kicking. The single foal can stand within a few minutes of birth and is grazing after a week.


A plains zebra stallion, like other male equids, curls up his top lip in order to heighten his sense of smell.Known as the flehmen response or, more colloquially the “horse laugh”‘, this behaviour is usually seen when the male (stallion) assesses the readiness of a female (mare) for breeding.

By this means, he is able to detect certain scents in the mare’s urine to determine if she is receptive for mating.The flehmen response may also occur if an individual picks up a strange scent.


Plains zebra has a different stripe pattern from Grevy’s (see left).Some subspecies of zebra have faint “shadow” stripes between the large flank stripes.

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Plains Zebra

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