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Platypus Animal The duck-like, beak-shaped mouth, sprawling, reptile-type gait, and flattened, almost scaly, beaver-like tail make the duck-billed platypus an unmistakable animal. Its waterproof body fur has a plush texture that is reminiscent of that of a mole. The colour of theĀ  body is dark brown to reddish brown on top and pale brown to silvery cream underneath. The probing bill is very sensitive to both touch and water-borne electrical signals from muscles of its small aquatic prey.

It has an unusually high density of red blood cells to enable it to make deep dives in pursuit of its quarry. are solitary, yet occupy overlapping home ranges. However, males in the d breeding season defend these territories The male has a venomous spur on each hind foot, with which he attempts to wound his rivals. Home is a bankside burrow, usually about 5m (16ft) long but may reach up to 30m (98ft). After d, a gestation period of one month, the female incubates her clutch of 1-3 soft, After the young eggs here for 10 days.

hatch, she suckles them for 4 months in the burrow, leaving them walled in for periods of up to 38 hours while she forages.

Duck-billed platypus

Length: 40-60 cm(16-23*1/2 in)

Tail:8.5-15 cm(3*1/4-6 in)

Weight: o.8-2.5 kg(1*3/4-5*1/2 lb)

Social unit: Individual

Status: Near threatened

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