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The poplar kitten Insect moth, furcula bifida, is found in Europe and Asia, generally flying from April to July. Wingspan 1.4-1.8 inches (3.5-4.5 cm).


furcula bifida Insect facts and images

poplar kitten Insect Facts:

Common name: Prominents

Family: Notodontidae

Order: Lepidoptera

Class/Subphylum: Insecta/Hexapoda

Number of species: About 2600 (136 u.s.)

Wingspan: From about 1 in (2.5 cm) to about 3 in (8 cm)

key features: About color usually drab, grays and browns predominating, poplar kitten Insect often spotted or streaked with black; poplar kitten Insect tooth like tufts of scales usually protruding from middle of inner edge of forewing; at rest adult holds wings rooflike or rolled tightly around body in a sticklike pose; body stout; proboscis usually well developed; poplar kitten Insect antennae usually pectinate in males and in females of some species, hearing organs present on thorax; larvae variable, hairy or smooth, often weirdly shaped


Habits: Adults generally nocturnal; seldom found when inactive in daytime, often coming to lights at night; occasionally found at rest on tree trunks or fence posts; caterpillars found singly or in family groups

Breeding: Males generally smaller than females; females release pheromones to attract mates; eggs normally laid in large clusters on leaves of food plant; pupa attached to tree trunks, concealed beneath leaves, or formed in cell below ground

Diet: Many adults probably do not feed, others visit flowers or leaking tree sap; caterpillars feed on wide range of plants, especially trees, on which they may be serious forestry pests

Habitat: Mainly in forest but found widely in many habitats; some species breed in gardens

Distribution: Worldwide in habitable areas.

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furcula bifida Insect facts and photos

furcula bifida Insect facts with images

poplar kitten Insect Pictures

furcula bifida Insect facts with photos

furcula bifida Insect facts

furcula bifida Insect images

poplar kitten Insect Facts

furcula bifida Insect Photos Gallery

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furcula bifida Insect photos

poplar kitten Insect Photo HD Wallpapers

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furcula bifida Insect pictures

furcula bifida Insect