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Pygmy rabbit Animal

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The source link Treasure Mile Casino No Deposit Bonus Code Africa Casino no deposit bonus free online slots bonus feature Pygmy rabbit Animal is a North American rabbit, and is one of only two rabbit species in America to dig its own burrow.


Pygmy rabbit animal Facts and Pics

Pygmy rabbit Animal Facts:

Length: 23-31 cm (9-12 in)

Tail: 1.5-2.5 cm

Weight: 246-458 g

Social unit: Individual

Status: Least concern


The world’s smallest Pygmy rabbit Animal, this arid- adapted species digs a large burrow system and feeds on big sagebrush and closely related species. The long, silky fur on its back is grey in winter and brown in summer; the abdomen is whitish. Unusually for a rabbit, Pygmy rabbit Animal it climbs well into bushes to feed, and, although solitary, it also makes pika- like whistling calls to warn neighbours of approaching predators. Breeding details are poorly known: the gestation period may be 26-28 days, and litter size 4-8, with up to 3 litters per year.

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Pygmy rabbit animal Facts with Photos

Pygmy rabbit animal Facts with Pictures

Pygmy rabbit Animal

Pygmy rabbit animal Images

Pygmy rabbit animal photos

Pygmy rabbit Animal Pictures

Pygmy rabbit animal Pictures

Pygmy rabbit animal