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Quokka Animal Very rare on mainland Australia, the quokka survives on 2 islands off the southwest coast, mainly because introduced predators such as foxes are absent. This small wallaby frequents thick forest, open woodland, low scrub, and swamp edges or river banks where available. After resting by day in dense vegetation, it fee at night o leaves, grasses, and fruit Small family groups associate as larger gatherings, which maintain a group territory. Gestation is 27 days; the young leaves the pouch after 6 months.

http://aptechsoft.com/inventor/discount-autodesk-inventor-lt-suite-2018/ Length: 40-54cm

Tail: 25-35 cm (10-14 in)

Weight: 1.5-4.5kg

Social unit: Group

Status: Vulnerable



Between 5,000 and 15,000 quokkas live on Rottnest lsland. As well as being a popular tourist attraction they have enabled scientists to carry out detailed research into marsupial biology -essential knowledge for their future conservation.


 The quokka has a rounded body, short ears and snout, and a stout tail Its dense, coarse furis brown, tinged red around the face and neck.

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