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The red panda is a cat-sized mammal from the eastern Himalayas with a soft chestnut coat and bushy tail.It climbs well, but also spends time on the ground.The genetic position of this animal remains unresolved because of its morphology and diet.Several hypotheses exist, but research has only established that it is the sister group of bears.It lives at cooler, higher elevations than the giant panda and has a more omnivorous diet.

The red panda has partly retractable claws and the forepaw of the panda has an elongated wrist bone like that of the giant panda, which is an adaptation for grasping bamboo.It uses trees not only for feeding but also to escape ground-based predators, and to sunbathe high in the canopy during winter.The female’s nest may be in a tree hole, lined with leaves moss, and other soft plant material, where she rears her 1-5 (usually 2) offspring.Other nesting sites are branch forks, tree roots, and bamboo thickets.

Red Panda Animal

Red Panda Length: 51-73 cm (20-29 in)

Red Panda Tail: 28-50 cm (11-20 in)

Red Panda Weight: 3-6 kg

Red Panda Social unit: Individual

Red Panda Status: Vulnerable

In addition to bamboo leaves and shoots, the red panda eats other grasses, roots, fruit, and also grubs, small vertebrates such as mice and lizards, and birds’ eggs and chicks.It is mainly nocturnal


The red or “lesser” panda is red-brown or chestnut with almost white ear rims, cheeks, muzzle, and spots above the eyes.There are also brown, facial “teardrop” stripes.

and solitary, but forms pairs during the mating season, and offspring stay with their mother for up to a year.The panda scent-marks its territory with droppings, urine, and powerful musk-like secretions from the anal glands.It communicates by short whistles and squeaks.Studies in captivity show the gestation period is probably 90 days plus a variable time of delayed implantation.Prime habitats are dense temperate mountain forests, at 1,800-4,000 m (6,000-13,200ft).

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Red Panda Animal

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