Rove Beetles Insect Facts with Images

Rove Beetles Insect

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Rove Beetles Insect Facts With Pictures


Common name: Rove beetles(cock-tail beetles)

Family: Staphylinidae

Suborder: Polyphaga

Order: Coleoptera

Class/subphylum: Insecta/Hexapoda

Number of species: About 30000 (about 3100 US)

Size: From about 0.08 in (2 mm) to 1 in (2.5 mm)

Key features: Body mostly small, narrow, and elongated; shiny black or brown, sometimes densely hairy, usually with almost parallel sides; elytra very short (longer in a few species), Rove Beetles  often only covering the first few segments of the abdomen; antennae mostly threadlike, sometimes clubbed.

Habits: Adults tend to run around rapidly with the tip of the abdomen curled upward over the back; many species are nocturnal, although some of the larger kinds are active during the day; most species fly well some are active in winter


Breeding: Many species form aerial mating swarms on warm evenings; eggs are laid in rotting vegetation, dung, or carrion; a few species build “nests” in the ground and look after their babies

Diet: Mainly small insects such as fly larvae; also mites, fungi, fungal spores, algae, pollen, diatoms, dung, and carrion of various kinds; some species are parasitic on other insects

 Habitat: Under damp moss, in flowers, under bark or in rotting vegetation in gardens, meadows, woods, marshes and mountains (sometimes on the edge of snowfields); Rove Beetles more rarely in deserts and caves, some live only inside nests of ants or termites, others inhabit the nests of mammals or birds, many are found on the seashore, sometimes covered by the tide

Distribution: Worldwide except in the coldest and  driest zones.

Rove Beetles Insect Images Gallery


Rove Beetles Insect Facts and Images

Rove Beetles Insect Facts and Photos

Rove Beetles Insect Facts Images

Rove Beetles Insect Facts Photos Collection

Rove Beetles Insect Facts Photos Gallery

Rove Beetles Insect Facts with Images

Rove Beetles photo


Rove Beetles Insect Facts

Rove Beetles Insect Photos Gallery

Rove Beetles Insect