Ruddy shelduck Bird Facts With Photos

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The ruddy shelduck Bird, known in India as the Brahminy duck, is a member of the family Anatidae. It is a Ruddy shelduck Bird distinctive waterfowl, 58 to 70 cm in length with a wingspan of 110 to 135 cm.

Ruddy shelduck Bird Facts:

Size: 66 cm

Voice: Call a loud, goose-like honking on ground and in flight

Range: Breeds in Ladakh; winter visitor, all over India; less common in the south

Habitat: Around freshwater, salty and brackish lakes and rivers in open country, avoiding areas with dense, tall vegetation

Ruddy shelduck Bird Distinct rusty orange colouring with lighter head and white face. Stubby black bill; buff neck; rump, tail, primary and secondary feathers black. White wing-coverts conspicuous in flight; legs and feet black. Black collar on neck present in breeding bird. Ruddy shelduck Bird Female similar to male, but smaller, with more white on the face, no collar and buff wash on upperwing-coverts. Juvenile similar to female but duller and with more brown back Pairs or small parties; nocturnal feeder; rather wary; rests on riverbanks, sandbars, edges of jheels during day; prefers clear, open water.

Ruddy shelduck Bird Images and Photos:

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