Sea Otter Animal

Sea Otter Animal

The how to buy BurnAware Professional GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 20 best price see Online casino slots without downloading software Casino Free Chip Nodeposit Forum new casino openings 2019 best slots on Bovada get link Sea Otter Animal Facts is a marine mammal native coasts the northern and eastern North Pacific Ocean, The Sea Otter Animal is a small marine mammal native to the north and eastern coasts of the Pacific Ocean, Despite the fact that Sea Otter Animal are the largest members of the weasel family, Sea Otter Animal are among the smallest mammals in the marine world.

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Sea Otter Animal Facts:

Length: 55-130 cm

Tail: 13-33 cm (5-13 in)

Weight: 21-28 kg (46-62 lb) 

Social unit: Group

Status: Endangered



The Sea Otter Animal smallest marine mammal, the sea otter lives and feeds in the ocean. It comes ashore only rarely, but is commonly seen close to the coast, particularly near marine kelp forests, floating on its back with its paws out of the water. Superbly adapted to its aquatic way of life, the sea otter has luxuriantly thick fur that keeps it warm in the cold waters it inhabits. It has a strong, flat tail that acts as a rudder, and large, flipper-like hind feet that propel it through the water; the Sea Otter Animal smaller forepaws have retractable claws, like a cat’s, which the sea otter uses for holding food and grooming its fur Excellent eyesight- both underwater and at the surface – a good sense of smell, and sensitive whiskers help it to find food. It forages mainly on the sea bed, Sea Otter Animal looking for crabs, clams, sea urchins, and abalone, Sea Otter Animal and has immensely strong teeth for chewing crab shells once they have been broken using a rock. Before the sea otter sleeps, it may anchor itself by wrapping its body in kelp. Sea otters are social animals, usually found in groups (rafts), with males forming separate rafts from females. In Alaska, hundreds of animals may be found together. Although hunted in the past for its fur – almost to extinction in some areas – the sea otter is now a protected species.


The sea otter has the densest fur of all animals – up to 150,000 hairs per square cm (1 million per square in).Grooming the fur, to keep it clean and waterproof, is essential.


The sea otter is a resourceful and adept animal, adapting its behaviour in a variety of ways in order to make the most of its environment. Perhaps most remarkably, it has learned to use stones as tools for cracking open shellfish.


 The sea otter is able to break the shells and tough protective outer coverings of crabs and sea urchins. Lying on its back, it breaks them open by hitting them against a rock collected from the sea bed.

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Sea otter Animal Facts with Photos

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Sea otter Animal Facts

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Sea otter Animal

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Sea otter Animal



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