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Serval Animal

Serval is a Africa wild cat native animal. Serval Animal Scientific name Leptailurus serval and Serval Family Felidae, Class Mammalia. Serval Animal Mass 12 kg & Weight: 7-13.5 kg.

  • Serval Animal Length: 59-92 cm (23-36 in)
  • Serval Animal Tail: 20-38 cm (8-15 in)
  • Serval Animal Weight: 7-13.5 kg (15-30 lb)
  • Serval Social unit: Individual
  • Serval Status: Least concern

Resembling a small cheetah, with its lean body and long limbs, the serval has yellowish fur with dark spots.It prefers to live among reeds and rushes fringing wetlands.Here it hunts rats and similar prey, helping to control rodents and thereby aiding farmers (servals rarely attack livestock).The average litter of 2 young is born after 73 days’ gestation.


The serval’s relatively long legs and neck elevate its head to 75cm (30 in) above ground, enabling it to see and hear clearly in long grass.


Having located prey, usually at dusk, and mainly by hearing, the serval excels at the cat pounce. It leaps up to 4m (13ft) horizontally and more than 1 m high, to strike the victim with its forepaws. This cat eats rats and similar-sized rodents, birds, fish, and large insects such as locusts. Frogs are a favourite with wetland-dwelling servals.

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Serval Animal

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