Siamang Primate

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Siamang Primate

Siamang Primate have almost black hair, they have the darkest color among all kinds of gibbons. The Siamang Primate fur of these primates is long and dense. Siamang Primate Hind legs markedly shorter than anterior. The Siamang Primate have well formed throat sacs, Siamang Primate so they make loud noises that are carried for several kilometers.

Dimensions of the body reach 75-90 centimeters. The maximum fixed length of the body was 1.5 meters.

Siamang Primate – daytime animals, they are awake from early morning to sunset. Siamang Primate At noon, during the heat, rest, brush each other’s fur or play. Siamang Primate Forces they restore lying on a stomach or a back on thick branches. They Siamang Primate feed in the morning and in the evening.

Siamang Primate are social animals, Siamang Primate they communicate actively with members of their social group. Siamang Primate Other representatives of the species report their presence with loud cries. Siamang Primate They shout at the border of their territories, Siamang Primate so that everyone knows that it is busy.

Siamang Primate Facts:

  • Length: 75-90 cm (30-35 in)
  • Tail: None
  • Weight: 9-13 kg
  • Social unit: Group/pair
  • Status: Endangered

The Siamang Primate largest gibbon, with a “standing” height of 1.5m (5ft), the siamang also has the loudest calls of the group, and the closest-knit families. Siamang Primate The female (who is dominant), male, and 1-2 offspring rarely stray more than 30m less than 10m (33 ft) apart.

Siamang Primate About three-fifths of their food intake is leaves, and one-third fruits, with a few blossoms and small creatures such as grubs.

The Siamang Primate family occupies a home range of about 47 hectares (116 acres, but defends only some 60 per cent of this as their territory, chiefly using their powerful calls, barks, and screams.


The Siamang Primate is covered with black, shaggy fur. The male is slightly larger than the female and has a tuft of hair on his genital region that, at a glance, looks like a tail.


The Siamang Primate dark grey, elastic throat skin inflates to the size of a grapefruit, to act as a resonator and amplify its amazingly loud calls.

The Siamang Primate male’s screams are thought to discourage other males, Siamang Primate while the female’s longer, Siamang Primate more distinctive series of bark-like sounds is associated with territory defence.

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Siamang Primate

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