Silverfish Insect Facts with Photos

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Thermobia domestica is a common species of Silverfish Insect with worldwide distribution. It is particularly fond of warm habitats and can be found, for example, inside buildings close to ovens and heating systems. Length from head to tail tip 0.8 inches (2 cm).

Silverfish Insect Fact:

  • Common name: Silverfish, fire brats
  • Order: Thysanura
  • Class/Insecta: subphylum/Hexapoda
  • Number of species: About 370 (18 US)
  • Size: From about 0.3 in (7 mm) to 0.5 in (13 mm)

Key features: Fairly obvious head, thorax, and abdomen; body shape generally long, slim, and tapering from head to tail, slightly flattened, often covered in scales, head bears long antennae, eyes simple biting jaws present; 3 pairs of legs on thorax; wings lacking; 3 long “tails present on the end of the abdomen

Habits: Tend to live in dark places where it is reasonably damp, but not wet, generally nocturnal

Breeding: some simple courtship known; males deposit spermatophores for females to pick up

Diet: Decaying vegetable matter of all kinds is able to digest cellulose Habitat Forests, caves, and human habitations

Distribution: Worldwide

Silverfish Insect Images:


Silverfish Insect hd


Silverfish Insect pics


Silverfish Insect

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