Smew Bird

The viagra transfer kaufen Fantasy Stars Online Casino https://hulumix.com/free/puvuzuvy Casino Games Host Online casinos that take echeck Smew Bird is a species of duck, and is the only living member of the genus Mergellus. Mergellus is a diminutive of Mergus and albellus is from Latin albus “white”.

Smew Bird Facts:

Size: 45 cm

Voice: Rather quiet. Male has a high bubbling note; female croaks

Range: Rare winter visitor

Habitat: Fish-rich lakes; slow rivers



Male has pristine white body with black marking on head, back and breast. Distinct white crest bordered black; pale grey flanks. Non-breeding male has grey tint to body and no crest. Female has dark grey body, chestnut cap and white cheeks. Both sexes display dark upperwings with white wing-covert patches in flight.

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Smew Bird Facts and Images

Smew Bird Facts and Photos

Smew Bird

Smew Bird Facts and Pictures

Smew Bird Facts with Images

Smew Bird Images

Smew Bird Facts with Photos

Smew Bird Facts

Smew Bird Images Collection

Smew Bird Photos Gallery

Smew Bird Pics HD Wallpapers

Smew Bird


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