Smew Bird Facts and Photos

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The Smew Bird is a species of duck, and is the only living member of the genus Mergellus. Mergellus is a diminutive of Mergus and albellus is from Latin albus “white”.

Smew Bird Facts:

Size: 45 cm

Voice: Rather quiet. Male has a high bubbling note; female croaks

Range: Rare winter visitor

Habitat: Fish-rich lakes; slow rivers

Male has pristine white body with black marking on head, back and breast. Distinct white crest bordered black; pale grey flanks. Non-breeding male has grey tint to body and no crest. Female has dark grey body, chestnut cap and white cheeks. Both sexes display dark upperwings with white wing-covert patches in flight.

Smew Bird Facts Photos:


Smew Bird image


Smew Bird pics


Smew Bird


Smew Ducks in zoo


Smew Ducks wallpaper

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