Snails and Slugs Animal Facts, Land snail Animal Photos

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The Snails and Slugs Animal great pond snail is found in ponds lakes throughout Europe and in the Baltic Sea. It is a and scavenger and eats mostly plants, Snails and Slugs Animal but also dead plant and animal matter. Snails and Slugs Animal Length about 2 inches (5 cm).

The most Snails and Slugs Animal troublesome pests found in home gardens, Snails and Slugs Animal orchards and landscaped areas across North America. Snails and Slugs Animal thrive in damp, Snails and Slugs Animal shady spots and can often be found along foundations, Land snail Animal under rocks or in well mulched garden areas.

Snails and Slugs Animal Facts:

  • Common name: Freshwater snails, terrestrial snails, terrestrial slugs
  • Subclass: Pulmonata
  • Class: Gastropoda
  • Phylum: Mollusca
  • Number of species: About 17,000
  • Size: 0.04 in (1 mm) to 7 in (17 cm)

Key features: Lung formed from the mantle cavity; full body usually reversed to some extent, shell present and coiled, normally without operculum (freshwater and shore dwelling snails); no shell and no obvious coiling (tropical slugs); shell present and body coiled (terrestrial snails) or reduced or absent, with body not obviously coiled (slugs) no operculum

Habits: Aquatic (generally fresh water) and terrestrial; air breathing; terrestrial species found in damp or arid soils, often associated with vegetation and may hibernate in crevices in wood and stone; one group inhabits seashores and, like limpets, lives attached to rock surfaces

Breeding: Hermaphrodites, but copulation, sometimes preceded by courtship, occurs; sperm transferred by special reproductive structures, eggs usually laid in egg masses on rocks, pond vegetation, or in soil, juveniles hatch from egg mass

Diet: Herbivorous or carnivorous, using well-developed radula

Habitat: freshwater lakes, ponds, rivers, and associated vegetation; widely distributed in terrestrial environments; limited distribution in seashore environments

Distribution: Subtropical an tropical seashores and on almost all landmasses worldwide

Snails and Slugs Animal Pictures:


Land snail Animal


Snails and Slugs Animal photo

Land snail Animal wallpaper

Snails and Slugs Animal

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