Spiny Pocket Mouse Rodent

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The spiny pocket mouse Rodent is a species of rodent in the family Heteromyidae and order Rodentia.

Spiny Pocket Mouse Rodent Facts:

  • Length: 13-13.5 cm
  • Tail: 16.5 cm
  • Weight: 78-86 g
  • Social unit: Group
  • Status: Not evaluated

spiny pocket mouse Rodent Discovered in 2010 in the high, wetmountain forests of coastal Venezuela, the overlook spiny pocket mouse occurs from 350-2,450 m (1,148-8,063 ft). It belongs to a group of spiny mice so-called because of their coarse, spiny fur.

This species has darker fur than more widespread relatives of the lowlands, and is adapted to cool, high altitudes. Scientists speculate that it may have had a more extensive distribution during the last lce Age. Although it lives in a remote location, it is possible that its survival will be threatened by global warming.

Its habits are probably similar to other Heteromys spiny mice, emerging from burrows at night to take seeds and other plant material- gathered in cheek pouches for storage in underground caches.

spiny pocket mouse Rodent Pics:


Spiny Pocket Mouse Rodent

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