Star-Nosed Mole Animal Facts & HD Wallpapers

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Star-Nosed Mole

The star-nosed mole is a small mole found in wet low areas in the northern parts of North America, The Star-Nosed Mole Animal are hairless and ringed by a unique star’ of 22 pink fleshy tentacles, The Star-Nosed Mole Animal star has 11 appendages per side that vary in length from 1 to 4 mm, This Star-Nosed Mole Animal species ranges 175 to 205 mm in total length weighs between 35 and 75 g Like other Star-Nosed Mole Animal

it has a stout roughly cylindrical body with heavily-built forelimbs, Star-Nosed Mole Animal broad feet and large claws Its hair is short dense and coarser than that of other moles, The pelage is Star-Nosed Mole Animal dark brown to black on the back and lighter brown underneath, Star-Nosed Mole Animal During winter the tail swells 3 to 4 times its normal diameter.

Star-Nosed Mole Animal Facts:

Length: 18-19 cm

Tail: 6-8 cm

Weight: 45 g

Social unit: Variable

Status: Least concern

Star-Nosed Mole This mole is an expert swimmer. It has a long, sparse-haired, scaly tail, which enlarges in winter with fatty food reserves. In lifestyle and habits it resembles other moles, yet it is less solitary and tolerates meeting others of its kind. Its tunnels are about 4 cm in diameter and 5-60 cm (2-24 in) in depth.


The star-nosed mole eats leeches, snails, small fish, and other aquatic prey, as well as soil animals


An unmistakable snout, with 22 pale, fleshy rays (tentacles) around the nostrils, allows the star-nosed mole to sniff and feel prey in water. It also forages for food among reeds, mosses, and other vegetation. As it hunts, the fleshy rays around its nose wriggle and flex in constant motion.

Star-Nosed Mole Animal


Star-Nosed Mole animal


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Star-Nosed Mole


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