Tasmanian Devil Animal Facts and Images

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Tasmanian devil small black animal

  • Length: 57-65.5 cm (22*1/2-26*3/16 In)
  • Tail: 24-26 (9*1/2-10 in)
  • Weight: 5-14kg (11-31 lb)
  • Social unit: Individual
  • Status: Endangered

The Tasmanian devil animal largest marsupial carnivore, it hunts prey of varied sizes and also scavenges. Nocturnal, it screeches and rears up if alarmed. It makes its den in a burrow or among rocks. Born after a gestation of 30-31 days, the young attach to the female’s 4 teats in her shallow, rear- opening pouch.

Facial tumour disease has caused an 80 per cent decline in its population in less than 20 years. However, in a few places, some groups have become resistant to the disease.

The Tasmanian devil is normally solitary, but its excellent sense of smell means many can converge on a large carcass.

Its powerful jaws and sharp, sturdy teeth rip up the hide and crush gristle and bone. The devils growl and snarl at each other for the prime parts, but stop short of physical clashes.

White on black

The devil has long, white patches on its chest and rump.

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Tasmanian Devil Animal

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