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The Common tenrec animal 30 species of tenrecs are mainly from central Africa and Madagascar. Most resemble a combination of shrew and hedgehog. The nocturnal, common tenrec is the largest land-dwelling species. It has coarse, grey to reddish grey fur and sharp spines. Using its long, mobile snout, it grubs among leaves for worms and other small creatures.

It also scavenges and hunts frogs and mice. In defence, a tenrec squeals, erects the spiny hairs on its neck into a crest, jumps and bucks, and readily bites. It shelters by day in a nest of grass and leaves under a log, rock, or bush. After a gestation of 56-64 days, a litter of 1-32 is born, averaging at about 18. When young, common tenrecs are striped black and white.

Length: 26-39cm

Tail: 1-1.5 cm (3/8-1/2 in)

Weight: 1.5-2.5kg

Social unit: Individual

Status: Least concern

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Tenrec Animal



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