Tent-Building Bat Animal Facts with Pictures

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Tent-Building Bat ( Tent-making Bat) Animal

The tent-making bat is an American leaf-nosed bat found in lowland forests of Central and South America. This medium-sized bat has a gray coat with a pale white stripe running down the middle of the back, Tent-Building Bat Animal A small phyllostomid, forearm around 42 mm long. Tent-Building Bat Animal Dark grayish brown with a narrow white line down the middle of the upper back, Tent-Building Bat Animal and a distinct white line above and below each eye.

Tent-Building Bat Animal No external tail, and the tail membrane is narrow and lacks a fringe. The external ears are rimmed with yellow. The Tent-Building Bat Animal upper middle incisors are distinctively bilobed.

Tent-Building Bat Animal Facts:

Length: 6-6.5 cm

Tail: 4-4.5 cm

Weight: 13-20 g

Social unit: Group

Status: Least concern

About 15 bat species from the leaf-nosed group roost in “tents” shelters shaped like umbrellas, cylinders, cones, or flasks, and made by biting leaves such as palm or banana so they droop or fold over. Each tent protects 2-50 or more bats from sunlight, rain, and predators, and lasts up to 3 months. The tent-building bat feeds on a variety of leaves and fruit, chewing them to a pulp and sucking out the juices. It is grey-brown with white stripes on its face and back.

Tent-Building Bat Animal Images:


Tent-Building Bat Animal images


Tent-Building Bat Animal


Tent-Building Bat pics

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